Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences

The vision to provide healthcare to the community from grass-root level has led to establishment of the Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences in 2015. The School is affiliated with University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS). All the academic & theoretical knowledge is disbursed to the students in fully equipped lecture rooms by the highly qualified faculty of the Medical College and School, while practical training is carried out in laboratories and departments of the Shalamar Hospital. Students can easily access all the reading material in Professor Muhammad Akhtar Khan Library of the institute.

Currently school is offering degree courses in following disciplines:

1) Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) : 05-Years Degree Program
2) Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) : 04-Years B.Sc (Hons) Program
3) Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) : 04-Years B.Sc (Hons) Program
4) B.Sc (Hons.) Optometry & Othroptics : 04-Years B.Sc (Hons) Program
5) B.Sc (Hons.) Operation Theatre Technology : 04-Years B.Sc (Hons) Program

Career opportunities after graduation

Physical Therapists can practice in a wide variety of settings like: public sector hospitals, private hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, athletics facilities and sports medical colleges & universities clinical research.

Medical Imaging Technologist has scope for progression in any field like Radiology, Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine, and Corporate Applications. The Government of Pakistan offers BS-17 to fresh graduate Lab Technologists, Imaging technologist and Physical therapists which further move to higher scales with education and experience. Laboratory technologists, Imaging technologist and Physical therapistsare in high demand in US, Canada and Middle East. MPhils and PhD Studies for Medical laboratory/ imaging and physical therapy students in different specialties are available across Pakistan and abroad.

Medical Laboratory Technologist can work in: clinical laboratories at hospitals, medical colleges and universities, reference laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, industry (food, vaccine, pharmaceutical), research centers, forensic science labs as educators, administrators, laboratory specialist, and laboratory management.